Youth Creates Opportunities - YCO

 The Aim: to develop participants’ skills on social entrepreneurship, creativity and soft skills to the ideas into action. It is designed for youth, youth volunteers ages between 18 - 30 to explore methods of working with youth on the topic of social entrepreneurship and practical skill


Youth Work With Antibias Approach

Title of Program: Youth Work with Anti-Bias Approach

The Aim: to focus on the awareness of these fundamental principles of Anti-Bias Approaches. The project consists of two trainings. 

Where: Diemeringen, France

When: March 23rd to 31s


Activating Rural Area Through Art

 Title of Program: Activating Rural Area Through Art

The Aim: to create an area for young people living in rural areas to enable them to benefit from youth programs and to promote intercultural learning and communication through art. The project a


Youth Transforming Conflict

Title of Program:  Youth Transforming Conflict - YTC

The Aim: Youth Transforming Conflict - YTC aims to provide tools to youth workers on conflict management and peace education for their daily work with young people.

Second of aim is to develop capacity and s


Cooperative Solutions-Seminar on SI


Title of Program:  Cooperative Solutions-Seminar on Inclusion of Refugees/IDPs - CSSI

The Aim: The aim of the project 'Cooperative Solutions-Seminar on Inclusion of Refugees/IDPs' – a seminar on inclusion of IDPs and refugees in the hosting comm


Involvement Into Social Ent.


Title of Program: Involvement into Social Entrepreneurship - ISE

The Aim: to clarify and promote the concept of social entrepreneurship among NGOs and young people including those with fewer opportunities, to open social enterprises on NGOs’ base and to prep


CMTPP - Conflict Management Tools

Title of ProgramConflict Management Tools to Promote Peace Education (CMTPP)

The Aim:

Conflict Management Tools to Promote Peace Education (CMTPP) aims to train youth workers from program countries and EECA countries on conflict




An International training course funder by Erasmus + Programme of European Commission. 

Where and When: 

London, United Kingdom   &  1 - 8 June 2017. 


Youth workers, youth


From Idea to Enterprise II

 Do you want to start a business or develop a new product or service in an existing venture?

Our course “From Idea to Enterprise” will help you to develop certain skills, to gain the essential competencies and equip you with working tools to do it efficiently. We will cove


Start-Up Development

 Do you have an idea but do not know how to make it solid? Do you want to start your own business? 

Then this program is for you. The Start - Up Development is two days program for entrepreneurs that are looking to develop their own idea a